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13, June 2019

Woman passenger thrown out of taxi and jailed for offending driver’s religious beliefs by wearing black

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Definitely a dress to wear to your ex's wedding but to get home, don't use a taxi driven by a religious zealot

Definitely a dress to wear to your ex’s wedding but to get home, don’t use a taxi driven by a religious zealot

A taxi driver stopped his cab and ordered a woman passenger to get out when he realised she was dressed totally in black.

“It is against my religion to carry women wearing the colour of death in my cab,” the driver said. “When I realised she was dressed totally in black I immediately stopped the car and asked her to leave.”

The woman passenger, who did not want to be named, said she had been to her ex’s wedding so of course she was dressed in black.

“And what’s wrong with black?” she added. “Religion smidgeon. He just used it as an excuse because he wanted to get home to watch the football and I live in the opposite direction.”

The woman was immediately picked up by police and thrown in jail for walking on the motorway, for religious intolerance and for being a woman, although she said the arresting policewoman was in total agreement that black was the colour to wear at your ex’s wedding.

A spokesperson for the taxi company said they respect the religious affiliations of all their drivers. They commended him for sticking to his religious beliefs and not kowtowing to popular demand for a progressive attitude towards women and women’s dress codes.

They also added that he knew ‘bugger all’ about football.

The woman was released without charge after Crown Prosecutors decided religion was not the arbiter of fashion as is clearly demonstrated by the outfits of religious leaders.

The taxi company also apologised to the woman as she did not complete her journey. They refunded her fare and promised her an additional free trip as compensation.

The womand said she will be buying a bike.

Ref: BBC News Iranian hardliners threaten taxi app boycott in hijab row

What’s your favourite religious intolerance?
What would you give to live in Iran? This question is for men only as no one gives a flying fuck what women think
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