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Watching EastEnders more stressful than a day at the office

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Tony Rumpling said EastEnders was more stressful than sucking a lemon

Tony Rumpling said EastEnders was more stressful than sucking a lemon

Like to come home after a hard day at the office and relax in front of a soap?

Think again.

Researchers at the TV Intellectual Transcription Service say watching EastEnders causes more stress than a day at the office.

The company analysed results from over 57 volunteers who worked in offices and who were also EastEnders fans.

The researchers measured their brain waves by wiring them to an electroencephalograph. This is a skull cap with lots of wires coming out of it which go into a black box.

They have to carry this with them at all times, even when they go to the loo and to the boss’s office to explain why they are wearing a skull cap with wires coming out of it.

The volunteers had to wear this for three months.

The researchers analysed the subjects’ stress levels at home, at work, and while watching soaps. They concluded that watching EastEnders was 78% more stressful than a day at the office.

However, arguing with their spouse about when they were going to take the ‘damned skull cap’ off was ten times more stressful than that.

Mrs Elsie Hall, 48, who works for an insurance company and insures things said: “I’d been to the doctor’s several times with stress. I thought it was through work but now I discover it’s watching TV. I really don’t know what to give up. It’s really stressing me out.”

Elizabeth Higgins, 38, who works for a company said: “My colleagues gave me funny looks when I was wearing the electro-thing but they got used to it after a few weeks.

“Some kept asking me if I had had a brain haemorrhage or something. Others thought I was testing a new hair styling technique.

“I was stunned to discover my hair was a complete mess when I finally took it off.”

Tony Rumpling, 63, stamps a lot of papers and moves them from one place to another while sucking lemons. He said: “I can’t wait till I’m 75. If I’m not getting a free license the BBC can stuff their programs.”

A spokesperson for EastEnders said: “The safety and wellbeing of all our viewers is our highest priority.”

Which soap do you hate the most?
What piece of electrical equipment do you most like wearing?
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