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4, May 2019

UK most miserable country in the world – even worse than Belgium

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If life sucks, you feel you're treading water, you can't get to see a doctor, your standard of living has declined and you're not an MP, and you're concerned over personal privacy - you're living in the UK

If life sucks, you feel you’re treading water, you can’t get to see a doctor, your standard of living has declined and you’re not an MP, and you’re concerned over personal privacy – you’re living in the UK

A survey by the institute of Wellbeing And Notional Knowledge revealed UK citizens to be the most miserable in the world. The UK knocked Belgium from the top slot which it has held since records began.

France also beat Belgium taking second place although no one gives a flying fuck about that.

The survey was sent to every country in the world with a postal service, including America.

It asked recipients questions about:

  • How they felt about life in general
  • Their personal situation
    Their health
  • Their standard of living
  • How optimistic they were about the future
  • What they felt about personal privacy

89% of the UK thought life sucked, and had done for the last two years. They reported feelings of being in limbo, leaderless and up shit creek without a paddle.

91% reported that their own personal situation had gone downhill or been one of treading water since 2008.

That was when the government punished the entire population because some fat cat bankers and traders cocked up the economy.

It’s just as well no one was prosecuted otherwise there would have been no room left in the jails for decent criminals.

The remaining 9% who saw a benefit in their personal circumstances were MPs who were able to wrangle themselves a massive pay rise, peers, the same bankers who caused the problem in the first place and most of the people in the Sunday Times Rich List.

87% reported health worries, particularly not being able to see a doctor to get an overdose of sleeping pills. NHS hospital appointments were often a year ahead. Several respondents completed the survey posthumously.

78% said their standard of living had declined steadily over the last 11 years, particularly those who had not been able to vote themselves a massive pay rise.

Although the UK as a whole scored poorly in all areas, the most optimistic sections of society were foreign rich people like Russian oligarchs and Arab princes.

Also optimistic were those living in the Ecuadorian embassy.

96% of respondents said they were concerned about their personal privacy. The institute of Wellbeing And Notional Knowledge added that they had already received data on the other 4%.

How would you answer the questions?
What’s the most miserable country you’ve been to?
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