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7, October 2019

Shaking hands now racist says ADL

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The two women have witnessed an alt-right racist handshake. They will now have to run away quickly or pretend to be racist

The two women have witnessed an alt-right racist handshake. They will now have to run away quickly or pretend to be racist

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League), not to be confused with the EDL (English Defence League) which they are very anti, or EDL Energy or, indeed, EDF Energy which they probably couldn’t give two hoots about…

Anyway, ADL has drawn up a new list of social interactions we all need to be aware of to avoid being classed as racist.

One give-away that you’re a racist is smiling at someone.

Alt-right groups smile in a particular way so they can identify each other. If you’re not ‘in the know’ you could easily be accidentally giving out signals that class you as racist.

This is not so much of a problem in London where people never smile, so be especially wary if someone there smiles at you – they could be a racist.

The ADL also recommends you avoid shaking hands. There are so many ways to convey special signals in a handshake such as pressing down with the thumb, squeezing gently or, really, just shaking hands.

Any of these gestures could be interpreted as a special alt-right identification sign and you could be classed as racist.

This is not so much a problem in London as people hardly ever shake hands there.

Top of the ADL list is talking.

This is a minefield.

It’s so easy to say something inadvertently to make people think you’re part of an alt-right group such as “I’m part of an alt-right group”. It’s the sort of statement that might slip out innocently in conversation.

This would almost certainly get you classed as racist.

But even if you manage to avoid such remarks in conversation, another top taboo is mentioning a colour. In relation to anything.

This is an absolute no-no. If may make buying certain types of clothes and goods difficult but better that than be classed a racist.

Talking is not so much a problem in London as no one talks to anyone else, there anyway.

Ref: BBC News OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols

How do you usually let people know you’re a member of an alt-right group?
What will you miss most about not talking (unless you live in London)?
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