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Reality TV stars whinge about exchanging sex for fame and fortune

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Realtiy TV isn't all about sun, sea and sex. Well, all right then, it is

Realtiy TV isn’t all about sun, sea and sex. Well, all right then, it is

Reality TV stars are complaining that they had to have too much sex with good-looking people in return for fame, fortune and job offers.

They had to look smart and attractive at all times, far better than they really look without makeup, or when slobbing unshaven on the couch with a beer.

Programs such as Ex On The Beach exchange cheap sexual encounters for TV fame, massive social media following, money and hook-ups with big name brands.

A TV spokesperson said: “Our ‘guests’ know exactly what the shows are about but they moan and complain when asked to take an active part. Typical British workers wanting money for nothing.

Ex On The Beach’s Jess Impiazzi said: “There was enormous pressure to shag people we didn’t know. Yes, it was a little like a normal Saturday night out and we were getting paid and they were good looking but it was like the whole world was watching.

“I know it was what I signed up for and what I was supposed to do but I didn’t expect to have to actually do it.

“I got totally rat arsed one night and had sex with my boyfriend, as you do, and they filmed it. I was really upset because I perform much better when I’m sober.”

“I lost my Miss Great Britain title for having sex on TV,” moaned Love Island star Zara Holland after having sex on TV after reading the contract and after agreeing to be on the program.

One contestant who did not want to be named said: “I thought it might be one or two blowjobs, that usually gets me a bit-part in a movie, but the producers weren’t that way inclined and it was sex, sex, sex every night. I thought my legs would never close.”

Some of the stars moaned that they didn’t receive counselling.

Pity they didn’t get counselling before they went on the program.

Ref: BBC Newss MTV star ‘felt pressured to have sex on screen’

Are young people really as stupid and naive as this? Sorry, that’s obviously rhetorical.
If you went on a reality TV show, who would you most like to shag?
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