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Police facial recognition system full of duplicate images it can’t recognise

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Good job she's not black, male, unarmed and living in America or she'd be dead by now

Good job she’s not black, male, unarmed and living in America or she’d be dead by now

A roll-out of facial recognition systems by police around the UK has lead to a fracas in the force.

The system is run by German company Cognitec which is filching millions of pounds from the British taxpayer. Plus ça change.

The company gets paid in British pounds for the number images on the system and its UK workers get a £5 Greggs allowance.

But half the images are duplicates which the system can’t recognise so it’s useless as an image recognitions system although a useful little earner for the Germans. No one has yet been able to duplicate a Greggs’ Pasty.

A spokesman for Cognitec said: “The system is getting better every day.”

However, in spite of ongoing tests, the system has proved woefully inept at distinguishing black and ethnic faces.

A spokesman for Big Brother Is Watching You said: “We’ll be suing under the racial equality act.”

A police operator who did not want to be named said: “If the Americans can shoot unarmed black people for free, no one should complain if we get a few arrests wrong. Most of them are guilty of one thing or another anyway.”

An official police spokesman denied institutional racism and blamed computer error.

A spokesman for Cognitec said: “The system is getting better every day.”

The Big Brother spokesman said: “The system is as complicated to operate as a helicopter but it’s being given to off-duty traffic cops who can barely operate a radar speed trap. They should stick to the taser, tear gas and truncheon which a four-year old could use. Although we do not encourage that.”

The official police spokesman said all officers were thoroughly trained in the correct procedural use of the equipment before being allowed out in the field.

The police operator who did not want to be named said: “They showed us how to switch it on.

“Sometimes it doesn’t work then we just jump out in front of people and take a Polaroid. If they complain, we give them a fine. It’s great fun.”

A survey of social media users showed that 78% had posted selfies on the internet which the police can access for free.

So the system would appear to be another massive waste of taxpayers’ money which could be better spent on man power. MPs’ wages or even setting up more food banks.

A Cognitec spokesman said the system is getting better all the time.”

But is that better at recognising faces or better at generating money?

A Home Office spokesperson said: “At least they’re not Chinese.”

Ref: BBC News Use of facial recognition tech ‘dangerously irresponsible’

If you knew you were being photographed by the police would you make sure you looked your best?
Are polaroids an outdated technology?
Bonus question: Since it happens so often, should America officially legalise the shooting of unarmed black men?
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