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“Pedo” is a “Pedalo” says Musk in Thai cave rescue case

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Elon Musk's super-sub was just a few feet too big to navigate the narrow Thai Tham Luang caves

Elon Musk’s super-sub was just a few feet too big to navigate the narrow Thai Tham Luang caves

Elon Musk is the multi-billionaire owner of too many big businesses and expensive things to name, mainly because we can’t be arsed to do the research.

Anyway, he’s been told by a Los Angeles judge that he must defend his Tweets, since deleted, calling a cave rescuer a “pedo”.

Vern Unsworth helped rescue 12 schoolboys from Thai’s Tham Luang caves in July last year. The caves were small and narrow and Mr Musk sent one of his gigantic super-subs to help with the rescue.

Mr Unsworth, very unkindly but possibly accurately, called it a publicity stunt.

Whether you should knock a guy for trying is another discussion all together.

Mr Musk then called Mr Unsworth “pedo guy” which gave offence but he was quoted totally out of context.

In the vernacular, “pedo” is short for “pedalo”, a small water craft powered by pedalling. The clues don’t get much simpler than this.

So Mr Musk was actually referring to Mr Unsworth’s attempts at rescue using a small boat rather than offering a comment about Mr Unsworth’s sexual peccadillo.

Being a Brit with no idea how this kind of defamatory lawsuit works, Mr Unsworth is suing Mr Musk for the change in his pocket and a year’s supply of Greggs’ Steak Bakes. He said he will give them to the hill tribes in the Thai cave area to sell to tourists.

Mr Musk’s team of lawyers will cost more than the $75,000 Mr Unsworth is asking for, but you can’t put a price on integrity.

Ref: BBC News Elon Musk faces trial over ‘pedo’ tweet

How much would you sue Elon Musk for and why?
Are the Tham Luang caves on your bucket list and if not, why not?
Bonus question: Would you go to Thailand for a Gregg’s Steak Bake?
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James - 14, May 2019 Reply

Steak Bakes? Woud he settle for a few 12 inch Subs?

    Ed Mann - 14, May 2019 Reply

    Excellent, James!
    He could have used them a while back. We won’t mention a Thai cuyrry filling but I guess it’ll make the Brits feel more at home.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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