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7, June 2019

Oz cops bug Roos to spy on citizens

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"...And when you get a bit older, son, Scott Morrison will come along and invite you to join his private army of spies."

“…And when you get a bit older, son, Scott Morrison will come along and invite you to join his private army of spies.”

An increasing number of right-wing governments across the world seek to curtail freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This has led to several imaginative ways of spying on the country’s citizens and journalists.

One of the latest comes from Australia’s right-wing and religious zealot Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. The more power he gets the more right wing he becomes.

He ordered a crackdown on journalists and broadcasters after he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he failed to pay his share of the community ‘tea fund’ for 12 consecutive months.

The police have been enforcing search warrants to look for the whistleblower. They are concentrating their search on tea ladies and the IT department.

Morrison was also unhappy about allegations in the press that although he is against same-sex marriage, he is not against gays. He obviously took the reports to mean one thing when they meant another, and he has had it in for the press ever since. So to speak.

Morrison also wants to instigate methods of spying on Australian citizens so he can finger dissenters and send them to the gulag.

His latest ruse is to plant bugs in kangaroos and train them to sidle up to tourists. They will also record journalists when they have secret conversations in the outback. He also hopes this will stop the Aborigines asking for some of their land back.

His second set of spy bugs will be placed in ash trays sited in public smoking places. This assumes smokers are more likely to be plotters and dissenters rather than nicotine-dependents.

The police presented a search warrant to one of Australia’s leading newspapers allegedly to look for the source of the stories. Insider information reports that the police spent most of their time reading the back catalogue of cartoons poking fun at Morrison.

The warrant gives the police the power to delete and add to the files. Some were seen drawing moustaches on Morrison while others deleted cartoons they said were ‘not funny’. So now they are the humour police, too.

The cases continue as Morrison ramps up his army of Roos and promotes his interest in tobacco companies

Ref: BBC News ABC raid: Outcry as Australian police search public broadcaster

Which makes the better spy – Kangaroos or Koalas?
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