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27, July 2019

Met office snow forecast blunder

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Met office snow forecast causes run on wellingtons in Yorkshire

Met office snow forecast causes run on wellingtons in Yorkshire

During one of the UK’s rare heat waves, the Met Office issued a blizzard warning for Yorkshire.

The forecast warned residents to stay indoors and not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Snow was forecast throughout the area with blizzard conditions across the Dales and around Pontefract.

After the warning was broadcast on all major radio and TV channels, it was withdrawn as the Met office realised its mistake.

However, the warning had already caused panic buying of winter clothing. Work wear retailer Messrs Job and Lot sold out of woolly mittens and wellingtons (which weren’t woolly)

A Met office spokesman said: “Hey, we don’t get it right all the time.”

Another spokesman said: “Michael Fish has been up to his old tricks again.” [1]

Another spokesman said: “It was an April fool. Sort of.”

Another spokesman said: “It’s aliens.”

Another spokesman said:”Look, if we knew exactly what the weather was going to do, do you think we’d be slaving away in this goddamn awful heat wave.”

Another spokesman said: “Ah, that was just a joke for our mate Albert Altwhistle who’s going to the Dales for a couple of weeks.”

Another spokesman said: “It’ll snow, it will, just you wait and see.”

Another spokesman said: “C’mon, give us a break, it’s not easy forecasting the weather, you know.”

Another spokesman said: “Snow! Snow! Sorry, sorry, we meant heat wave.”

Another spokesman said: “It’s a new Russian secret weapon.”

Another spokesman said: “That was last January’s forecast but we liked it so much we thought it deserved a re-run.”

Another spokesman said: “It’s all this weather coming over from the EU. It’ll be better when we leave.”

Another spokesman said: “If I had a penny for every time one of you media people complained about us getting the weather wrong…”

Another spokesman said: “People are sick of the heat, we were just trying to cheer them up.”

Another spokesman said: “It’s climate change.”

Another spokesman said: “Been at the beach all day, couldn’t be arsed to do a proper forecast.”

Another spokesman said: “No one takes any notice of us anyway, so what the heck.”


[1]  Great Storm of 1987: Michael Fish’s ‘white lie’

Ref: BBC News UK weather: The UK’s record-breaking heat in maps and charts

Would you rather be skiing in a heat wave or swimming in a blizzard?
What other occupations get it wrong all the time?
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