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4, September 2019

Melania’s shock photo reveals the real Donald Trump

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As the Slovakian joke goes: hair today - in the wash tomorrow (it may have lost something in translation)

As the Slovakian joke goes: hair today – in the wash tomorrow (it may have lost something in translation)

First Lady Melania Trump has broken with tradition and released a hitherto unseen photo of her husband, US President Donald Trump.

It shows the president as he really is, behind closed doors, without prosthetics, makeup or other image-enhancing aids. Except for his toupee. Unstyled.

Such ‘family snapshots’ are usually kept private or curated for special promotional and social occasions.

Melania Trump is an avid supporter of her husband and is not known for being outspoken or contentious on any issue.

The release of the photo came as a surprise. It shocked Trump watchers and has caused much speculation.

Some Melania followers think she may have released the wrong photo by mistake.

Others suggest it might be ‘payback’ for Mr Trump forgetting an important anniversary. But if that was the case we would surely have seen the aide whose job it is to remind the president of such things leaving with their personal effects in a box.

This revelation of the ‘real Donald Trump‘ may cause some small embarrassment for the president. However, he successfully shrugs off worse embarrassments than this on a daily basis.

But Trump opponents are wondering: if this is the real Donald Trump, is Melania also like this without makeup, what do Trump’s children look like ‘off stage’, and is America being governed by lizard/dinosaur creatures with small hands?

The White House has so far declined to comment on the photo saying it is a personal and private matter and not of national importance.

However, jokes are already circulating in foreign embassies and among diplomats which cannot be good for Mr Trump’s reputation or that of America.

One joke circulating in Russian embassies is:

You don’t shake hands with Trump – you shake fingers.

(It may have lost something in translation.)

Another came from a French source:

Question: What are Trump’s favourite animals?
Answer: Hamsters.

(Apparently “V” is very popular in France.)

Meanwhile Mr Trump continues his personal wish-fulfilment campaign to Make America’s Hands Big Again.

Ref: BBC News Did Donald Trump tweet classified military imagery?

Who is your favourite lizard person?
Would you marry someone with small hands?
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