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22, May 2019

LGBT school protests: religious groups tell each other where to go

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Locked in a prison of their own making, even love won't set them free (yes, we do pathos, too)

Locked in a prison of their own making, even love won’t set them free (yes, we do pathos, too)

In Birmingham (UK, not Alabama) , radical Muslims protested against a school teachingpupils about LGBT equality. The Safer Streets Association protested against Muslims sending their children to schools abroad to become terrorists.

The Muslims accused them of Islamophobia. The Association accused the Muslims of homophobia, Anglophobia and asked who were the ones wearing dresses.

Several Jews walked past, thought the argument was about them and shouted “Anti Zionist”.

Everyone was momentarily confused.

A Christian contingent protested that Christianity was not given enough prominence in the school which was, after all, in the predominantly-Christian UK.

The Protestants said they ought to teach celibacy, especially to Catholic priests who seemed to be devout supporters of and participants in the LGBT movement.

The Catholics said pupils ought to be taught about natural birth control. When it was pointed out that same-sex relationships were the ultimate in natural birth control they suggested the UK should adopt the Nigerian age of consent as a show of world-wide solidarity and to get a lot of their clergy out of trouble.

The Unitarians took the moral high ground saying it was all one to them and urged Catholics and Protestants to agree to disagree.

A small group of Buddhists wondered what the fuss was about as they had embraced LBGT from the beginning.

A passing group of Hare Krishnas said gender was an illusion but good luck with it all anyway.

The LGBT community didn’t protest at all but hung hearts on the railings saying “Love is the Answer.”

Unfortunately, it obviously isn’t.

Editor’s note: If we have omitted any religious organisation that took part in the protest, – you should have been more vociferous.

Ref: BBC News Birmingham LGBT lessons: Head teacher threatened

Which is the most ridiculous religion? Pick as many as you want.
If you absolutely definitely had to join a religious sect, which would you pick? Jedi is an acceptable answer.
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