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23, May 2019

Labour calls for nationalisation of failing Jamie Oliver restaurants

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Would you rather your town looked like this or like Teesside? Can you tell the difference? Awe, gimme an over-priced pizza

Would you rather your town looked like this or like Teesside? Can you tell the difference? Awe, gimme an over-priced pizza

The current epidemic of failing companies has lead to a crisis in many boardrooms. Labour has advocated nationalising all companies which are going under in order to protect businesses, jobs and communities.

Jamie Oliver’s restaurants are one of the latest businesses to suffer., With their over-priced food and smarmy serving staff the restaurant chain was on a hiding to nothing and eventually collapsed under the weight of its own sourdough with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

Labour’s plan is to half the cost of the pizzas down to normal price, and subsidise the rest out of the public purse.

Debenhams is another high street casualty having to close 22 stores with the loss of 4,000 jobs. Closures include the Stockton store which will effectively put Stockton itself into administration.

Labour advocates totally demolishing the town, and a rebuilding program with the accent on elocution lessons. This could be a vote winner.

Labour would nationalise fashion chain Select saving 1,000 jobs However, pundits pleaded with the party not to allow Jeremy Corbyn‘s fashion sense anywhere near it.

Labour also called for the nationalisation of some of Sir Philip Green‘s failures. Details are scarce as Labour spokespeople were unavailable for comment as they were on one of Green’s yachts.

But with friends such as Simon Cowell, company pension shortfalls and immense personal wealth, Green might see Labour having a hard sell with this.

Four Seasons Health Care which looks after 17,000 people and employs 20,000 staff is another prime candidate for nationalisation.

The main reason for its collapse is the reduction of fees paid to it by local councils so Labour could increase council payments and avoid a total nationalisation.

For anyone with any actuary sense, we will not delve into the logistics.

The call for the renationalisation of industries was sparked by British Steel going into administration. With the potential loss of 5,000 job plus 20,000 related jobs, this could make Scunthorpe look like the rest of Teesside.

And if ever there was a case for nationalisation, that’s it

Ref: BBC News British Steel should be nationalised, urges Labour

Where is your favourite steelworks?
What industry would you nationalise?
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