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8, June 2019

How to avoid parking fines in Tower Hamlets

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"I've done the cars. When this lot go in the cafe, I'll do the bikes. I love working in Tower Hamlets"

“I’ve done the cars. When this lot go in the cafe, I’ll do the bikes. I love working in Tower Hamlets”

Uniformed jobsworth traffic wardens, eh?

Most are reasonable and helpful people doing a difficult job (we were paid to say that). Some do sport a Charlie Chaplin moustache and a few of those are even men (we weren’t paid to say that but now and again you just have to call it like you see it).

Sometimes, even if you have the best excuse in the world, they still slap you with a ticket. The bastards.

Here’s how to avoid paying a parking fine:

  • Buy a bloody big van. The local council is unlikely to have a tow truck large enough to tow it away.
  • Register with the DVLA under a fake name. This is, apparently, easier than it may seem.
  • Ignore incidentals like MOT, tax or insurance. The cops are too busy chasing serious criminals (ahem) to bother checking.
  • It helps to park around Tower Hamlets as the authorities there couldn’t find sand on a beach.
  • If all that fails, use diplomatic plates. Foreign diplomats owe over £100m in congestion charges alone.

Ref: BBC News Tower Hamlets van driver amasses £32,000 of parking fines

Are parking fines a legitimate enforcement tactic or simply a way of squeezing more money out of the motorist?
Should councils be penalised for not collecting fines?
Bonus question: Name your favourite traffic warden.
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