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2, July 2019

Gove’s tiny shoes collection and Hunt’s artificial limbs wrong-foots Tories

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Michael Gove's collection of tiny shoes is dwarfed only by Jeremy Hunt's collection of artificial limbs

Michael Gove’s collection of tiny shoes is dwarfed only by Jeremy Hunt’s collection of artificial limbs

Feature by guest reporter David Layzelle

Although out of the Tory leadership race, Michael Gove put himself back in the political spotlight by revealing his passion for tiny shoes.

His Cabinet colleagues decried the move as showboating and suggested the party whip bring him to heel and make him toe the line.

But Mr Gove was nonplussed and paraded some of the more elegant examples from his collection for the press.

The MP for Surrey Heath was particularly obsequious as he exhibited some splendid red faux-leather side-strap numbers in UK children’s size 3 (EU 19), and even slipped them on for the cameras.

He then produced a pair of black formal shoes in UK children’s size 4.5 (EU 21) that were once owned by celebrity dwarf actor Kenny Baker, of Star Wars fame.

Mr Gove attempted to wear them but they were plainly too large although the Spanish heels added an impressive one and a half inches to his height.

Gove’s revelation prompted Jeremy Hunt to reveal his own passion. After a hard day campaigning he enjoys unwinding with a stiff Pink Lady and a browse through his collection of artificial limbs.

He began his collection when Health Secretary during his official visits to hospitals and medical centres. He said there was no ‘arm in his hobby but confessed that since moving position in Cabinet, he found it difficult to make new acquisitions.

One visiting reporter suggested Mr Hunt might like to try some of Gove’s shoes on his limbs. Hunt snorted and said he didn’t take arms or legs off children, not even foreign ones.

We are waiting for a comment from Michael Foot. Although since he died several years ago, don’t hold anything valuable.

David Layzelle runs a writing agency called The Writing Agency

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