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28, July 2019

Geordie man: “Heat wave? This is nowt, this.”

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Geordie Norman "Mocha" Brewman hopes his Russian hat will keep him warm as he braves another dismal British summer

Geordie Norman “Mocha” Brewman hopes his Russian hat will keep him warm as he braves another dismal British summer

Men from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England, typically called Geordies, are brushing off the current heat wave as “canny spring wetha.”

Unlike most Brits, Geordies refuse to let the weather dictate what they can and can’t do. They are renowned for wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts in winter and consider a blizzard nothing more than “a spot of air conditioning”.

Geordie Tom “Biffa” Bailey, 29, was wearing jeans, a donkey jacket and Doc Martens. He said:” Hot? It’s nowt, this. Ye should be in me Gran’s hoos when she’s bakin’ breed. Hottern hell Ah tell ya.

“Anyway, Ah’m off to pick up a curry for wor lass. Ye canna whack it.”

Singhi “Singe” Patel, owner of the Gee Tot Curry Emporium said: “Aye, Tomma’s a gud lad. He is always coming in every Friday for a takeaway for his missus. He is knowing how to be keeping her sweet, like.”

Brian “Baldy” Baldwin, 32 and his wife Alma were off to Spain for their holidays.

Brian was wearing two T shirts under his Toon Away shirt with a parka jacket on top. Alma was also wearing a Toon top, heavy trousers, two cardigans and a matching parka.

“Mind, Ah hope it’s hotta ‘n this ower there,” said Brian. “Wiv saved all year for this to gerraway from the British wetha.”

Norman “Mocha” Brewman, 35, was sitting on a bench in the town centre. He’d been in Greggs and was eating a steak bake and drinking a cup of coffee.

He pulled his top coat around him, let down the ear flaps on his Russian hat and said: “Aye, Ah still like me Greggs to keep is warm. Ah was hoping we’d have a gud Summa but it lucks like Ah’ll hafta gan away ower the continent again.

“But it’ll be just the thing – Ah’ll gan away and ye can bet it’ll be reed hot back hyem.”

Bonus info: Aye Yes all Geordies have a nickname. Some are born with one.

Ref: BBC News Do Brits need to toughen up in a heat wave?

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done in hot weather?
If you’re not one already, do you wish you were a Geordie?
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