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15, April 2019

Fish fingers and choclate cake banned. EU imposes more food standards before Brexit

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This can no longer be called Black Forest gateau. It's now "Chocolate sponge with whipped cream and cherries in a sandwich cake".

This can no longer be called Black Forest gateau. It’s now “Chocolate sponge with whipped cream and cherries in a sandwich cake”.

As the UK is still part of the EU, we have to implement a new EU set of food preparation and labelling standards to bring us into line with other EU countries.

Food labelling will have to accurately reflect the content. The name “fish fingers” has been prohibited for being both misleading and anatomically impossible.

Already, pasties can only be called Cornish pasties if they’re made in Cornwall. Similarly, champagne can only be called champagne if it’s made in the Champagne region of France.

These are just two examples of labelling dictates which make some sort of bureaucratic sense in a protectionist way.

The new rules now include many other items with place names in their name such as Black forest gateau which cannot be labelled such unless it is made in the Black Forest. Otherwise we’ll have to call it something like a ‘chocolate sponge with whipped cream and cherries in a sandwich cake’, which doesn’t quite have the same ring.

Other foods which face similar problems include Bakewell tarts, Bath buns, Bombay duck, Cumberland sausage, Dover sole, Eccles cake, Lancashire hotpot and Welsh rarebit. There are over 5,000 foods on the list.

Apparently the bureaucrats struggled with devilled eggs which have been left out of the current rules. A proposal to rename them Tusked eggs was defeated by just one vote. From Donald Tusk.

Food preparation has also been hit. Beef wellington will have to be shaped like a wellington boot.

You will not be allowed to prepare a Caesar salad unless you can prove Roman ancestry. The original proposal that a chef must prove ancestry going back to a Roman Emperor was only narrowly defeated.

On a more positive note, the eggplant will revert to its correct name of aubergine.

A spokesperson from the Ministry for Food and Agriculture said: “This will keep the food industry busy for years which is good for employment and the economy. We’ll miss this sort of thing when we leave the EU.

“We may see a sharp rise in the cost of food but what price standards, eh?”#

Does this sort of micro labelling  protect the unwary consumer or is it just another example of EU bureaucracy gone mad? Leave a Comment below.

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