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24, October 2019

Facebook deciding who wil win next general election

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Facebook's algorithm will decide who YOU vote for in the next election

Facebook’s algorithm will decide who YOU vote for in the next election

With a general election on the cards, Facebook is busy deciding which party and politicians to support.

A spokesperson from Facebook‘s fake news detection department said: “We’ve been working hard over the last few years to remove all the fake news and foreign influence groups to leave the way clear for us to broadcast our message.

“We have yet to decide which party we will make sure wins support as it depends on which policies are best for us the country.

“We will be using an algorithm to analyse their manifestos along with the track record of the party leaders to determine which party is being honest and most likely to carry out their promises.

“It’s a far more efficient system than letting the public decide. You can trust algorithms.

“At the moment all parties are severely lacking in integrity so we may have to arrange a hung parliament and a coalition. However, that is fraught with problems because, as has been so forcefully demonstrated over the past few months, politicians are more interested in scoring points than actually debating and making sensible decisions.

“Thank goodness the DUP doesn’t figure in any of this. We can just quietly bury them.”

A Facebook press officer later denied they had a fake news detection department.

Ref: BBC News Facebook reveals preparations for UK election

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