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18, March 2019

EDL founder, Tommy Robinson, on a publicity tour to make sure he’s well-known during future police harassment

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"Move along quietly now Mr, Rob- er, whoevever you are."

“Move along quietly now Mr, Rob- er, whoevever you are.”

EDL (English Defence League) founder, Tommy Robinson, has lost his case for harassment against the police for being moved on from a pub in Cambridge in 2016 following a football match. Mr Robinson claimed he had been targeted for his beliefs and dodgy hairstyle.

The judge, Ms Karen Walden-Smith said he was not as well-known as he thought and the police were simply acting on “intelligence” that he was a crazy football hooligan likely to cause trouble and it had nothing to do with his dodgy hairstyle.

Even though he was with his children and wearing flip-flops, the judge said he could have done real damage had he disassembled his flip-flops, used the rubber toe-separators to create a makeshift catapult, and then rammed the soles down someone’s throat. Or thrown his children at opposing supporters.

The policeman who moved him on said he did not recognise him and did not know who he was. Although he “noted” the dodgy hairstyle it did not play a part in his decision to move him on.

As well as appealing the decision, Mr Robinson is embarking on a nation-wide publicity tour of cities with a major police presence to make sure they all know who he is in future.

“This won’t happen again!” he said. “I’ll make sure of that! They knew who I was alright and I’ll make sure they all know who I am so if they harass me again they can’t say they didn’t know who I was.”

The tour is expected to start next month and will take in 17 major cities where Mr Robinson expects to be harassed.

An undercover policeman, who declined to be named, said: “Of course we know who he is. We can’t let dick-heads like that walk around unsupervised. Just as well judges aren’t terribly well up on current affairs, but they toe the party line anyway so there’s no way he would win.

“It’s not easy being a copper.

“But it’s fun at times.”

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