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30, April 2019

“Cut pension perks,” say peers with £100k a year pensions

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"I no longer have a bus pass so if I spend half my day's food allowance on a bus ride I can stay warm and won't have to heat the house. I guess these peers must know what they're doing."

“I no longer have a bus pass so if I spend half my day’s food allowance on a bus ride I can stay warm and won’t have to heat the house. I guess these peers must know what they’re doing.”

Peers in the House of Lords have recommended cutting pension perks such as free TV licenses for the over 75s, bus passes and the winter fuel allowance.

Members of the House of Lords get £305 per day for attending plus expenses and subsidies. Many are on £100+K pensions but they are still in the perfect position to know what life as a pension is like as they are all old and past their best.

Many also have mental issues caused by having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. This is very similar to not having enough money to buy food and keep warm so they are totally able to understand the plight of the average pensioner trying to live on £8K a year.

The House of Lords is a big place and takes a lot of heating, especially in the winter. Although the taxpayer foots the heating bill, the peers know what it’s like to be cold if it breaks down so they totally understand how important the winter fuel allowance is.

Peers may drive around in chauffeur-driven cars or get taxis everywhere but they know exactly how expensive travelling is because they claim this back on expenses. So they know that removing buss passes would cause no hardship at all.

They also get subsidised meals so appreciate the likes of Aldi and Lidl who sell good but cheap food to pensioners. And they praise shops such as M&S for cutting 5p off a pack of over-priced sandwiches 15 minutes before closing time.

The free TV license is a throwback to the time when no one was expected to live much beyond 75 so it was a sort of “retirement watch” from the BBC.

Rather than remove the antiquated licence fee altogether, the peers know that old people with poor eyesight won’t mind forking out an extra £145 for TV programs they can’t see. The BBC is a British institution after all, and old people love institutions.

The peers say money saved should be put into social and private housing, especially private housing built by companies that they and their families and friends have an interest in. The lesson is that it’s important to look after friends and family. And yourself.

More housing, however shabby, would enable young people to get on the housing ladder. This is a good move as successive governments have done bugger all to promote the building of affordable houses.

Most of the peers were part of the governments which decided not to invest in housing so they are probably feeling guilty now. Or more probably not, but that does not diminish the quality of their argument.

It’s only right that old people let their much, much better-off betters reduce their falling standard of living.

After all, that’s what no one elected them for.

Are you looking forward to retiring and all those wonderful pension perks?
Should the House of Lords be abolished?
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