Donald Trump urges Europe to repatriate IS fighters – and shoot them!

Turner Old Master found in rubble: Ex-teacher Brian Turner doing well after his ordeal

A vandal broke into the Tate Gallery and made up Tracy Emin’s “My Bed”. Police are looking for a criminal who’s had a good night’s sleep

Remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds being backed by vulture capitalists

In a bid to tackle herd mentality, Facebook bans mental patients with hearing difficulties

How to spot a fashion rip-off – the original garment costs ten times what it’s worth!

Catalytic converters stolen for precious metals. Police search for culprits was exhautive… But plans to prosecute dealers receiving the metal have been scrapped

You CAN die laughing – although not at a Michael McIntye show

Government passes Deferred Gratification bill. It comes into effect in 2050

Prolific Facebook “Liker” Simon Miles ordered to stop Liking everything – he doesn’t Like it.

Movie business to make a movie about the business of making a movie in the movie business

James Pattison to stop collaborating with co-authors. His next solo book is due out in2035

Narcissus updates Faccebook relationship status to “Me”. Zuckerberg updates his status to “God”

Thieves broke into Battersea Dogs Home. No animals were taken but police are looking for leads. A spokesman for Battersea said: “They’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Birmingham bin workers strike over ‘poor equipment’ claims. A council spokesman said: “That’s absolute rubbish!”

Cost of burials and cremations has risen sharply – Ofcom accuses funeral directors of taking dead people for a ride

“Salsa is supposed to keep you fit,” said Roscoe Arbuckle. “But I ate 5 bottles a day and I haven’t lost an ounce!”

Government crackdown on unregistered protests has lead to an increase in unregistered protests

Hotel California – guests check out and leave! One said: “The pink champagne was a nice surprise and the band was good but the guitar solo did go on a bit…”

Celebrities queue up to apologise for anything they may have said that may have caused offence to anyone anywhere at any time ever

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John Wayne came back from the dead to apologise for being a Republican

John Wayne came back from the dead to apologise for being a Republican

Celebrities, TV personalities, soap performers, other non-entities and many politicians – apart from Donald Trump, Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn – are falling over themselves to make public apologies.

Following outcries and shaming by the “We will be outraged for you” vociferous minority group, celebrities and others in the public eye are in fear for their reputations.

One celebrity who did not want to be named until she had made her public apology said:
“I think I may have smiled once at Harvey Weinstein. I’m not sure, but if it got out before I apologise my career could be ruined.”

Another star said: “I think I once admitted I actually liked Thriller. I might have to change my name and start over again in somewhere like Finland.”

One labour MP said: “I think I once passed a black man in the corridor and didn’t say ‘good morning’. Or he might have been a Jew, I don’t remember. I’m mortified.”

A TV chat show host confessed: “There are so many black, disabled, disadvantaged and LGBT people I haven’t had on my show. I interview stars and other interesting people and there are only so-many I can squeeze into a one-hour show but that’s no excuse. I need to apologise before they relegate me to the weather forecast.”

A tennis champion said: “I once beat an Asian in three straight sets. I tried to lose but they were just so bad, I couldn’t. I haven’t slept for months.”

A psychic said they had received a message from John Wayne who wanted to apologise for being a republican.

Another message came from David Hasselhoff who, although not dead, wanted to apologise for being a bad actor.

Nicolas Cage and several Baldwins jumped on that one, too, and also wanted to apologise for appearing in so many bad movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was going to apologise for having a name that’s difficult to spell.

Paris Hilton wants to apologise for being Paris Hilton

A spokesperson for the “We will be outraged for you” brigade who was wearing a balaclava and declined to be named said: “For too long, many people have been insulted without even knowing it. This has to stop. We prefer hanging but the best the law allows is public vilification which will do for now. If we can ruin a few careers because of something someone may have said two decades ago – result!”

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