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5, November 2019

Brexiteers recreate the Blitz to evoke the glory of the Empire

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Brexiteers are hoping the sights, sounds and smells of air raids and blown-up buildings will evoke the happy days of the Blitz

Brexiteers are hoping the sights, sounds and smells of air raids and blown-up buildings will evoke the happy days of the Blitz

Tories, UKIP, the Brexit party and others pursuing a Brexit exit are combining forces to recreate the sounds, sights and smells of the Blitz.

They hope this will trigger memories in their core demographic supporters – at least the ones without dementia – to remind them of how great Great Britain used to be and how it can be great again.

Using retired SFX (Special Effects) creators from Pinewood Studios, the Brexit Blitz group will use city centres and strategic urban areas and fill them with the rubble of blow-up houses to evoke the glories of WWII.

Specialist ‘scent designers’ will produce smells of dust, cordite and burnt sausage to give the recreations an additional air of authenticity.

Brexiteer Col. John Fortesque III, Rtd. said: “I think it’s a wonderful idea. We sent ’em packing in ’45. We can do it again.”

His wife, Lady Hermione Fortesque, said: “At least it will stop him playing soldiers in the bunker.”

The Last Resting Place Care Home is planning a day trip for all its mobile residents. Care home manager Linda von Doonan said: “It’s a wonderful idea. Recreating the sights and sounds of the war will bring back fond memories for many of our residents. It’s something the council should organise on a regular basis.”

A spokesperson for the Brexit party said: “We didn’t fight two world wars to hand our sovereignty over to the Germans.

“We need to remember what we’re fighting for: tea on the village green, the sound of leather on willow, and the right to make our own bloody mistakes without having them imposed on us by a bunch of foreigners who can’t say the word ”squirrel without sounding American.

“Most people in this country seem to forget they’re British.”

Currently no council has given permission for the proposed installations citing EU rules on health and safety.

Ref: BBC News How ‘horror smells’ and ‘care smells’ are being used to manipulate emotions

When did you last have dementia?
What’s your fondest memory of air raid shelters?
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