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27, September 2019

Boris Johnson authorised public donation to Labour party

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No wonder he's sad: Boris Johnson made payments to the wrong set of monkeys, apparently...

No wonder he’s sad: Boris Johnson made payments to the wrong set of monkeys, apparently…

Current UK Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing accusations that he donated public funds to the Labour party while London mayor.

Accusers say the money came from funds intended to benefit London’s underprivileged Orang-utans, a cause dear to Mr Johnson’s heart.

Instead, almost £937,000 went to the Labour party.

Mr Johnson refused to be drawn on the issue calling it an “obvious administrative error”.

A spokesperson from the mayor’s office said the mayor had discretion over the distribution of many funds and this was a legitimate payment. Probably.

A Labour MP who asked not to be named said: “As Deputy Leader of the Labour Party I can categorically state that Mr Johnson was trying to undermine our position by implying top party officials were in league with the Tories.

“My personal view – and it is only my personal view and not the official Labour party view, I must make that clear – is that he was hedging his bets in case :Labour won the next election so he could switch sides. But that’s just my own personal view.”

A spokesperson for London’s underprivileged Orang-utans said: “It’s a total betrayal. We all voted for Boris Johnson because he promised to help but instead he gave our money to another set of monkeys.”

The Labour party treasurer at the time was unavailable for comment but a spokesperson said they had no record of such a donation. If they did it would have been returned as coming from an “unsuitable source”.

Soon after the donation Labour leader at the time, Ed Miliband, resigned to spend more time with his family flying in his private jet to his private villa in the South of France.

Ref: BBC News Boris Johnson refuses to address conflict of interest claims

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