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11, September 2019

Apple ‘sorry’ for making workers listen to Tim Cook’s speeches

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Making workers listen to Apple CEO Tim Cook's speeches didn't have the effect the company was hoping for

Making workers listen to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s speeches didn’t have the effect the company was hoping for

Someone at Apple had been to Cuba, saw the women in cigar factories being read to by Lectores and thought “what a good idea.”

For the last eight weeks, workers in sections of Apple’s HQ in Cupertino have been forced to listen to recorded highlights of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s speeches read out over the in-house speaker system.

The ‘inspirational talks’ were intended to motivate the workforce but you can, apparently, have too much of a good thing as the company suggestion box proved.

Apple uses an old-fashioned pen and paper box for privacy so workers’ emails can’t be traced. However, some staff still took the precaution of leaving comments on cut-outs from newspapers.

Some comments were pleading such as “Tim, we love you but enough already”, and “Can I PLEASE transfer to Foxconn”.

Some were reactions to Mr Cook’s advice: “I DO do things different”, “Yes, I know it’s a phone”, “You’re invading the privacy of my ears, dude”, “I pity the person who buys the Mac I’ve been working on tiday,” and “I’m trying to leave a legacy but my work rate has halved”.

But others were less complimentary and included “He goes or I go” and “FFS what the f*@k is this!”.

After a month there were, reportedly, two resignations.

Apple has apologised to workers for “any distress caused” adding that the object was to “allow workers to catch up on “Tim’s inspirational speeches”.

Although Apple has not released the name of the junior executive who instigated the practise, rumour has it he was last seen heading for Redmond.

Ref: BBC News Apple ‘sorry’ that workers listened to Siri voice recordings

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