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17, May 2019

96-year old paraplegic woman acquitted of killing burglar with ballpoint pen

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Mrs Sanders-Smith is relieved not to spend the next 40 years in jail for defending herself against a sword-wieling burglar

Mrs Sanders-Smith is relieved not to spend the next 40 years in jail for defending herself against a sword-wieling burglar

A 96-year old paraplegic woman confined to a wheelchair was acquitted of charges of murder, grievous bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon after accidentally killing a burglar with a ballpoint pen.

Denis Ogden, 27, broke into the home of 96-year old war veteran Elizabeth Sanders-Smith. He threatened her with a samurai sword and violent language and demanded money with menaces.

He wheeled her into the dining room where he left her while he went to ransack the house.

Mrs Sanders-Smith picked up a ballpoint pen with her teeth hoping to write a note and throw it out the window for assistance.

Mr Ogden could find no money or jewellery as Mrs Sanders-Smith lived week-to-week on her pension, relying on her winter fuel allowance to pay for repairs to her wheelchair.

He stormed back to the dining room brandishing his sword and shouting pseudo Japanese war cries. These mainly consisted of the word “bonsai” as he had not learned the difference between a small tree and a Japanese exclamation.

He raised his sword as he entered the dining room but the sword caught on the top of the door frame. His momentum propelled him into the dining room where he fell onto Mrs Sanders-Smith. The pen she was holding in her mouth pierced his right eye.

He flailed about shouting English curses but finally died from his injury leaving a squelchy red mess on the floor.

In court, Mr Ogden’s brother said he was a kind man, a good brother, son and father. He gave regularly to animal charities, helped old people to cross the street and never ate more than one Greggs’ pasty per week.

He said he didn’t deserve to die at the hands of a vicious ballpoint pen-wielding ex-army veteran who obviously used some of her war tactics on him.

Denis Ogden was judged to have died by greed, his own malice and overwhelming stupidity.

It almost gives you faith in the British justice system.

Ref: BBC News Hither Green stabbed burglar Henry Vincent lawfully killed

Does this prove that the pen is mightier than the sword?
What’s your favourite language for shouting obscenities?
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