The worst septic tank problem you can experience in your home is raw sewage entering your home. Raw sewage should enter your septic tank, but it can come up through your plumbing drains if there is a problem with the system. If this happens to you, hiring a plumber or septic tank company is essential. In addition, they might suggest using a video pipe inspection to find the problem. Continue reading to learn how this works and its benefits.

Why companies use video inspections 

Most of your septic system's components are underground or hidden. As a result, you can't see what the system is doing or where the problem is. However, you can be sure there is a problem if sewage is coming up through your drains. When this occurs, a plumber can use a video camera to check the system's pipe. By using a video pipe inspection, they will find the problem without digging up your yard or tearing up your home.

How it works

When you hire a plumber to fix your septic issues, they will look at the system to see if they can find a problem. If they can't, they'll secure a video camera to a cable and insert it through a pipe. Then, they'll force the cable through the pipe to see the condition of your pipes. As a result, they'll find the clog or problem you're experiencing.

Types of problems video inspections find

When the sewer backs up into your house, it happens for one of several reasons. First, you might have a clog in one of your pipes. The clog could be in any pipe from the fixture to your septic tank, and they'll find it with the video inspection. Secondly, the problem might be tree roots growing into a pipe. When tree roots grow into a pipe, it clogs the line just like debris does. Again, they'll find this with the video inspection.

The only other reason your system backs up is from a full septic tank. However, they will check the tank's level before conducting the video pipe inspection. After emptying your tank, they will perform a video pipe inspection if the problem still exists after emptying the tank.

Hire a plumber or septic company

Many plumbers and septic companies have video cameras for pipe inspections. If you're having septic issues, contact a contractor in your city to schedule emergency services.