You may find portable toilets in many places, and they can be an excellent solution for restrooms in an area that does not have plumbing, septic, or sewer system access. Sometimes portable toilets are a temporary solution, and other times they are used long-term to fill a need that can't be handled any other way.

Public Events

Large public events often require the event organizer to provide restrooms for those in attendance, but depending on the event location and resources available, that may be challenging. Renting portable toilets for the event and spreading them out over the area can help resolve the issue and ensure there are plenty of restrooms for attendees. 

The size of the event often dictates the number of portable toilets required, but most rental companies can help you calculate the needs based on the number of people that will attend. It is better to rent more toilets than you need, to keep lines short and ensure people are not waiting recessive amounts of time to use the bathroom during the event.

Often, not having enough portable toilets is one of the biggest complaints people have. Don't forget to add several accessible toilets to your order to ensure people with disabilities have access to facilities they can easily use.

Rural Trail Heads

Sometimes a biking or hiking trail that is far from any town will use portable toilets as a way to offer restrooms to people using the trail. Often the toilets are set up away from the actual trail, but accessible before your start out or when you return from your hike. 

Portable toilets are a good option in this situation because, in many cases, the area is not suited to constructing a permanent restroom facility, and it may not be near any sewer system to carry away the waste. Trailheads with small parking areas can have a few portable toilets along one edge of the lot for people to use and are easily serviceable. 

Private Camping Areas

Owning a piece of land that you use for finishing, camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities can be excellent, but if you do not have any bathroom facilities available there, renting portable toilets to place near the area you camp on can be an excellent option. 

If the land is accessible by road so that the delivery truck and the cleanout truck can get to the area, you could set up one or two units close to the campsite. While some people prefer to not have the amenities, they can make the camping experience easier for some people and will keep the woods and area around the campsite cleaner.