Your septic tank is an essential but delicate part of your septic system. As such, you need to have it cleaned, maintained, and inspected often. Unfortunately, some homeowners neglect their septic tanks until major problems happen. Such levels of negligence will cost you a lot in repair and replacement costs. Besides, a septic tank that is left unchecked for a long time will malfunction and underperform. So, if you are adamant about septic cleaning, here are a few problems you'll likely encounter. 

Sewer Backup

One of the main reasons why people pump their septic tanks is to create space for more waste. So if you fail to pump or clean your septic often, your household waste won't have anywhere to go. In that case, sewer waste will back up into your home as there is no more space in the sewer tank. Unfortunately, sewage backups have loads of consequences which include:

  • Foul odors in your house
  • Damage to your house structure and contents
  • Mold growth in your house
  • Health hazards, especially if your family comes into contact with the sewer bacteria.

Apart from such consequences, you'll not be able to use your plumbing systems until you pump the tank and clear the mess.

System Damage

Failure to clean or pump your septic tank can bring physical damage to the entire septic system. Allowing your tank to fill up to the brim will only overwhelm your sewer pipes, causing them to collapse or crack. The solid waste can also cause nasty clogs that are pretty hard to break. Unfortunately, any kind of damage that comes because you neglected your septic system is expensive to repair. 

Environmental Contamination

As much as you and your family will be the most affected, other people will suffer as well. If your tank overflows and the untreated waste ends up contaminating water wells and underground water, your neighbors may end up suffering too. Avoid creating a health hazard by ensuring that your septic tank is pumped often. Besides, allowing untreated waste to overflow can get you into trouble with the various authorities in your area. 

Foul Odors

Dealing with sewer gases can be pretty frustrating because they can be dangerous to your family's health. Luckily, sewer gases will always stay within the septic system unless something terrible happens.  In most cases, the gases will only escape if you fail to clean the septic system when there is a sewage backup or a leak in the sewer pipes. Unless you enjoy the smell of rotten eggs on your property, have your septic tank cleaned, inspected, and maintained every year. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for residential septic tank services.