While you can wait to fix some septic tank problems, you sometimes need emergency help. What are the signs that your septic system is in real trouble?

1. You Have Signs of Sewage in a Toilet

Damaged or faulty septic systems can cause backups in toilets. If you can see raw sewage in your toilet or the water turns black, then this is a sign that your system has a serious problem.

Sometimes, you can't see signs of sewage but you can smell it in your toilet. This smell might also start to come out of showers and sinks. If it doesn't go away or disappears for a while and then returns, then your system could be about to back up.

In either case, you should talk to a septic system specialist as soon as you can. If you don't fix the problem, then it is only going to get worse. Your tank will keep building up until the only place for its contents to go is back into your plumbing system and into your home.

2. Your Septic Drainfield Is Wet

Your septic system should process and release its contents gradually from its tank. You shouldn't see any signs of water or waste in the area on or around your tank.

However, if your tank is full or has a blockage that prevents it from draining, then you might start to see water on the ground. If the problem has been going on for a while, then the grass around the tank might look greener than other grass in your yard. Or the ground might look damp.

You have a more serious problem if water pools on the ground around the tank. This is a sign that your system is so full that it can't process any more waste or that it has a serious drainage fault.

This water isn't hygienic. It will smell noxious. To make the area healthy and safe again, you either need to have your tank emptied or fixed.

3. Your Septic System's Alarm Goes Off

Some septic systems have alarms that sound when the system has a problem. For example, an alarm can tell you if your tank can't process water and waste. Or, it might alert you to a system leak.

If your alarm sounds, then don't ignore it. It could be a sign that your system is about to backup.

To get the help you need fast, contact a 24-hour emergency septic system service in your area.