Food and product safety regulations have become more stringent to help prevent unlawful acts that might affect public health. Therefore, farm owners must comply with the regulations to avoid fines and legal issues. One of the requirements is to provide restrooms and handwashing stations for your workers near the workstation. If your farms lack enough clean toilets for your workers, here are reasons to consider porta-potty rentals.

1. Workers Will Not Leave the Farm

If you do not have restrooms on your farm, where do you expect the farmworkers to go whenever they want to take a bathroom break? Without enough toilets, your workers will have to leave the farm to find nearby gas stations or restaurants to relieve themselves. Besides being inconvenient to your workers, leaving the farm will slow your farm projects. Remember that the more days the workers are in the field, the more you will pay for their services. Fortunately, you can reduce the hassle of your workers searching for a restroom, save money, and increase productivity by getting portable toilets.

2. You Do Not Have to Build Toilets

You may need more time and resources to build toilets on your farm since you want to focus on land clearing, sowing, adding fertilizer and manure, irrigation, and harvesting. Besides, constructing toilets might be expensive since you only use them when visiting the farm. Therefore, there is no need to make huge investments in your farm, only to use them a few times each year. Instead, consider using porta-potty rentals. These facilities will have all the amenities your workers need, and you will not have to worry about construction. Besides, your rental company will bring the toilets and pick them up when your farm project is done.

3. Ensure You Are GAP Compliant

All farms must comply with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) regulations. One of the regulations is that growers and packers must maintain a high sanitary standard when working. That means providing access to enough restrooms and hand washing stations. Using portable toilets is one of the effective ways to maintain a high hygiene level and help ensure that workers can relieve themselves when necessary. In addition, these rentals will ensure that you are GAP compliant.

Every human being will need access to the restroom at one time, and this is something you should keep in mind when hiring farm workers. Without access to toilets, your workers will have to leave the farm to look for a restroom, which can be inconvenient and time-wasting. Unfortunately, constructing toilets on your farm might cause pollution. Yet, without a clean bathroom for your workers, you might not be GAP compliant, which could lead to heavy fines. Luckily, there is a simple solution to your problem, and that is using porta-potty rentals on your farm.