One of the best ways to treat wastewater is through aeration, which facilitates the biodegradation of contaminants in said water. If you need this system for your property, here are some buying suggestions that can help you out.

Assess the Property's Wastewater Volume

Aeration systems can vary a lot in the amount of wastewater they can treat. You thus need to look at your property and calculate the quantity of wastewater that collects in a given period of time. Then you'll have clear insights about the wastewater volume one of these systems needs to support. The system will subsequently work optimally and not be prone to future breakdowns. 

You can study your property's wastewater quantities for several weeks to get a better sense of this data, and then use it to refine your search for an optimal aeration system that's fully compatible. It will work effectively and efficiently long-term.

Make Sure the Correct Oxygen Levels Are Provided

The whole premise behind an aeration system for wastewater treatment is to add air to the water, enabling bacteria to feed on pollutants that are present. In order for bacteria to thrive and subsequently do its job though, the oxygen levels have to be perfect.

As such, take your time reviewing this spec with different aeration systems. How much oxygen will they pump into the wastewater and what will the oxygen levels be at the end? You can consult with a supplier and manufacturer to see what oxygen level range is appropriate for the specific wastewater around your property.

Verify Optimal Mixing as Well

In addition to an aeration system providing wastewater with air to foster bacterial growth, the system needs to properly mix said air in the wastewater. Then every area will be treated by bacteria, and that's the best way to deal with pollutants that are present.

You can verify mixing is optimal for one of these systems by talking to engineers who put these solutions together. You can see how their mixing designs were developed and also look at field tests to verify mixing will happen in a consistent, effective manner.

If you need to treat wastewater around your property, you can benefit tremendously from an aeration system investment because of the amount of air it will give bacteria found in said water. As long as you focus on a model that's refined and proven to work great, wastewater pollutants won't be an issue. 

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