A functional shower drain is vital for emptying water and allowing it to collect in a channel within the house plumbing system. However, it can be frustrating when your shower won't empty water as required. Moreover, this can leave you with a flooded bathroom, which is a major inconvenience to your cleaning activities. When this happens, you want to avoid applying drain-cleaning agents to clear the clogs, as they may degrade the pipes. Instead, hire a plumber to identify the cause of the blockage and remedy it for fast drainage. Below are the causes of a problematic shower.

Soap Residue 

Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which combine with soap to form a sticky white residue. Over time, this soap scum may collect inside the drain pipe, constricting its diameter. In addition, this build-up may combine with other materials, obstructing the flow of water. As a result, you will have a shower that can't drain water or does so at a slow rate. The good news is that you can prevent this by engaging a plumber to clean your shower drain regularly.


If you fail to use a hair catcher, your shower will likely clog over time. This is because everyone sheds hair sheds with every wash, and you need to catch it before it goes down the drain. Failure to do so will lead to multiple strands of hair building up within the shower drain and mixing with other debris. Consequently, the large clump will prevent water from moving fast. Since using harsh chemicals to unclog the drain can corrode the pipes, you should contact a plumber. They will open the shower drain and use a plunger to clear the hair accumulation. Subsequently, they may break down the clog using a drain snake and clean your line. 

Foreign Objects

Toys, wrappers, and other non-flushable items may be the culprit to your blocked shower drain. This happens when your kids play in the bathroom and send these items into the drain. Since the objects are not meant to fit in your lines, they will get stuck, causing water flow issues. In addition, these items may combine with other debris, forming a blockage that impedes water flow. In such a case, the plumber will remove the drain entity and clean out foreign objects. 

Self-Care Products

Note that some products, such as body scrubs, may lead to a blocked shower drain. This is because these products contain drain-clogging compounds such as coffee grounds. With continued use, the small particles will accumulate and lodge in your pipes impeding proper water flow. As such, you should use salt-based body scrubs without insoluble grainy particles to avoid problematic drains. 

A clogged shower drain may cause a water back-up that can inconvenience your cleaning activities. Thus, you should contact a certified plumber to regularly inspect your plumbing and ensure they drain water fast and effectively.

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