If your septic system is old and causing problems, it is important that you have it replaced quickly. If you have contacted a company to install a new system for you, it can be helpful to know how the installation works. Below is more information about this so you will know what to expect. 

Install Pipes

The first thing the septic tank company will do is install the intake pipe. The intake pipe comes from your home and leads to the septic system. This is where wastewater travels from your home to the septic tank. The contractor must put a hole in the wall in your home. They can also dig deep underneath the foundation to place the pipe there. The slope of the drain field is also important for the wastewater to be able to travel from the intake pipe to the septic tank. The contractor may have to make changes to the slope in your yard because of this. 

 Install Septic Tank

Once the pipes are installed, the contractor then digs a hole using the backhoe to place the septic tank. They use a laser measuring tool to tell them how deep they need to place the tank. This tool also measures the length of the intake pipe to ensure it can reach the septic tank. The pipes are often placed at the bottom of the septic tank. Once they determine the measurement, they will add a few inches to this to ensure there is enough room. 

Dig the Drain Field

The drain field is the land right above the septic tank. There are likely regulations that have to be followed when it comes to the drain field. The drain field has to drain well, or sewage will stay on the ground, and this can be dangerous for people around the septic tank. This is why a big sign of septic tank problems is a wet and muddy drain field. 

Inspect and Fill In

The septic system installation is then inspected to ensure it was done correctly. If nothing is found, the backhoe is used to fill the hole back in with the soil that was removed. They may first use a filter, such as a filter fabric, and then place the soil over the fabric to allow for proper drainage. Straw can also be used for this purpose or small gravel rocks. 

The septic tank company you hire can give you much more detailed information on how they will install your new septic tank.