Your plumbing system likely contains a septic tank if your home isn't connected to the area's municipal sewer lines. Whereas septic tanks provide safe waste disposal, poor maintenance can cause major issues. Also, emergencies that necessitate system services are bound to happen. You accrue many benefits from timely responses to emergencies and regular servicing.

Signs That You Need Emergency Septic Services

Emergencies are likely to happen when you least expect them. Here are the top signs that you need to call septic services immediately.

Blackwater/Sewage Water Overflow

Solid waste overwhelms the system's exits when your tank is full. As a result, a leakage occurs at the top of your septic tank. Even though the damage occurs outside your house, the effect of sewer waste is still destructive. Don't hesitate to seek septic pump services to empty your tank when such a situation happens. 

Backed-up Drains and Toilets

Sewer backup screams the need for emergency septic services. Exposure to hazardous waste from the backup predisposes you to severe health complications. What's more, the foul odor and severe water damage ruin your interior space. As such, you need to seek septic services soon as you notice sewer backups. Septic tank companies have the necessary equipment for septic pump services and repair.

Septic Tank Alarm Signals

Modern septic tanks have various upgrades and equipment, e.g., septic alarms. The alarms alert you of a problem with the system's functionality. Different factors trigger the alarm, so you need a professional to pinpoint the exact problem. Don't ignore the alarms even if you suspect the issue at hand is minor. Small problems can escalate to extreme levels when ignored.

Benefits of Regular Septic Services

The schedule of regular septic services enhances your system's optimal performance and functionality. Find below the benefits you accrue when you regularly seek septic services.

Lower Overall Costs

Most people don't think of septic tanks until there is a problem. Often, you get hold of the problem when it's too late. Regular services address minor problems before they get out of hand. The cost of regular services is far less than replacement costs or major repairs.

Improved Property Value

New owners will likely be interested in the health of your septic system if you decide to resell your property. No buyer would want to take the financial burden of an imminent clean-up unless you sell the property for a lower price. A good service record from a reputable septic service provider is evidence of good maintenance practices. As such, you have a high chance to get a buyer for your property at a decent price.


Septic emergencies are, by nature, unpleasant and inconvenient experiences. Regular septic services can identify small problems before you run into an emergency. A septic system emergency shouldn't stress you out if you have a septic services company at your disposal. Please get in touch with the experts from a place like Autry's Backhoe & Septic Service to get your system up and running.