According to the EPA, an average septic system needs to be maintained every three to five years. Having a well-maintained septic tank is vital because it spares you the stress of an inefficient system. Septic tanks break down if not cleaned or maintained regularly. And a malfunctioning system releases a foul odor, causes the drains to clog, and triggers health problems.

Here are reasons why septic cleaning is essential.

Keep Contaminants Away From Ground and Surface Water

If you have a septic system in your home, wastewater from your drains enters the system buried under your property. In the system, the wastewater is separated into liquid and solid layers, and decomposition begins. The liquid flows out of the system to the drainfield, after which it's released to the earth. Naturally occurring microbes eliminate viruses, nutrients, and harmful bacteria.

The solid layer (sludge) left in the septic tank should be pumped out once in a while—this is done during routine maintenance. The septic cleaning process ensures that viruses, nutrients, and harmful bacteria are removed. As a result, they don't contaminate the groundwater or the surface water people use for drinking.

Mitigate Risk

A malfunctioning septic tank poses many risks, such as releasing a sickening smell that can lead to an array of health issues. Also, it may trigger trouble with the neighborhood and cause the value of your property to decline.

In short, an unpleasant smell from the septic tank can be a nuisance to you and your neighbors. Therefore, cleaning your septic tank will save you trouble with neighbors, and you'll avoid health problems.

Protect the Environment

A malfunctioning septic system can release waste to wells, local habitats, and groundwater, and that's a serious health concern. Contaminated water is a threat to wildlife, people, pets, and livestock. If things get out of hand, you may get into trouble with the environmentalists.

So, there is a need to engage professional septic pumping services in your routine maintenance. They have the skills to maintain your septic system so that it can function efficiently. It's not advisable to disinfect your septic tank because it will kill bacteria used to keep the system working.

Prevent Damage

Proper cleaning and maintenance of a septic tank keeps it working for years. That's because thorough pumping eliminates water residue and excess waste. If not removed, these particles build up and clog your septic tank, leading to backups in the pipes. But by pumping your septic system, wastewater will flow smoothly via the plumbing system.

Finally, proper cleaning and maintenance of your septic tank eliminates waste and prevents excess overflow and clogs. This protects your plumbing system and septic tank from destruction. For septic tank cleaning and other septic tank maintenance services, seek professional septic cleaning services today.