Plumbing problems catch most homeowners off guard because they rarely pay attention to their sewer and water systems. However, most plumbing problems exhibit warning signs before they worsen and become serious. One of the most common drain problems is clogging. This occurs when there is debris or a foreign object stuck in the drains. Although the clogging of the drain is a common problem, most homeowners cannot recognize signs that they need drain cleaning to avoid this issue. Here are the four common signs that your drain needs cleaning.

1. When Your Drains Make Strange Noises

Normally, the drains make minimal noises when draining water. When you start noticing grumping and gurgling noises when you drain the sink or flush the toilet, this is a sign that there is a clog in your drains. This blockage causes air bubbles to form when water tries to go past it. This is usually the source of the gurgling noises. When you notice that your drains are making strange noises, hire a septic service to clean them and allow the water to flow freely.

2. When the Drain Produces a Foul Odor

If your drains are not functioning effectively, sewage and waste tend to build up in the pipes. Over time, this waste collects bacteria and fungus and starts decomposing, causing the drains to stink. Therefore, if you notice that your drains emit a strange odor, you should immediately have them inspected and cleaned. In most cases, this problem is addressed by having the drains cleaned. Cleaning these drains eliminates the waste and bacteria in your drains, eliminating the foul smell.

3. When Your Drains Start Leaking

When your drain is clogged, pressure builds up in the pipes, resulting in a leak. The pipes may also burst, causing the flooding of water. Drain pipes are normally installed under the floors, on the walls, and underground. When the drain pipes start leaking, you will notice a pool of water around the yard or on your floors. 

If the pipes leak behind your walls, you will notice water damage, such as water stains.  Another sign of a drain leak is the growth of mildew and mold. If you notice any signs of a drain leak, you should have a septic company clean the drains and repair the damaged pipes.

Clogged drains can cause severe drainage problems. Therefore, when you notice that your drains are exhibiting these signs, have them cleaned by professionals to eliminate the clog and restore effective functioning.