Opening a business in a rural area can be convenient for the residents, as they can obtain things that they need without having to travel several miles away to a nearby town. If you already own such a business establishment and you are planning to use a septic tank, it is important to pay attention when repairs are needed. You don't want sewage seeping from the ground or creating an odor around your business that deters customers away, or even causes them to complain. If you have already begun to smell a foul odor that you can pinpoint the cause of, it might be time to get the septic system inspected and repaired. There are numerous things that can go wrong and lead to a septic system experiencing problems.

Toilets Are Flushing Unusually Slow

If your toilets are flushing slower than they usually do, it means waste isn't being processed as it should within the plumbing system. One cause could be that something is trapped in the plumbing lines in your business establishment, which can be pushed out using drain cleaners or hiring a plumber. However, such a problem can also be related to the septic tank not being emptied out for a long time and is now overly full. You will need to hire a septic system contractor to remove the waste from the tank and look for other issues that could cause the toilets to flush slowly. For example, the drain field might need new lines installed if they are damaged and are creating an interference in the flow of waste.

Waste Backs Up into the Building

A back flow of waste into a business establishment does not only make the owner look bad, but can be harmful to customers and employees. If the waste suddenly overflows out of the toilets and other fixtures with drains, it can get on the floor and expose everyone to toxins. If you know that it isn't likely that the septic tank is full because it was emptied not long ago, backed up waste could be the result of a plumbing line needing to be replaced or repaired somewhere within the septic system.

Water is Pooling Outside on the Ground

Pooling water is often a sign of there being a drain field problem when it comes to a septic system. A pipe that goes from the drain field to the tank might be loose or damaged. A contractor can also inspect the pipes under the ground in the drain field to make sure they are not damaged. Tree roots can also grow in the pipes and cause waste water to pool on the surface of the ground.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a commercial septic repair service near you.