Many homes have a septic system installed for their water treatment needs. When the septic tank or drain field fails, it can cause issues with the plumbing backing up in your home. These failures might even lead to more severe damage and costly repairs. Therefore, finding the cause of septic system failures is a priority. The following video inspection services will help identify the problems causing your septic system failures:

Inspecting Septic Lateral Pipe to the Inlet

Just like sewer lines, the septic system for your home has a lateral line that connects household plumbing to the tank. This is one of the first areas that will be inspected for problems that need to be repaired. Some of the problems that may affect the lateral line that goes to the septic tank inlet include blockages, cracked pipes, and roots. A video camera inspection will help you identify these issues with your septic system.

Inspections to Identify Tank Deterioration

The inside of the septic tank can be another area of your system that is damaged. Modern septic tanks have baffles and other components in them that can fail over time. When you have the tank pumped, you may want to have a video inspection done of the interior of the tank and components, like the baffles, inlets, and outlets. If these septic system components are deteriorating, they are going to need to be repaired to prevent problems with your system.

Locating Issues with Septic Drain Field Distribution

Issues with the septic drain field could be other problems that you want to watch out for. Before the effluents are delivered to the drain field, they may go through a septic system distribution system. These can be distribution boxes or secondary pump tanks, which you probably want to have inspected if you are doing camera inspections of different areas of your system.

Identifying Issues with Septic Drain Field Blockages

The problems with septic drain fields can be caused by various issues that cause them to become blocked. First, the problem may be solids that have flowed from the tank and stopped up the drain field. There may also be problems with the septic drain field lines collapsing. The problems with drain fields will be easier to identify with a camera inspection of your system.

The problems with septic systems might be to more than just your tank needing pumping. Contact a video pipe inspection service specializing in septic and sewer problems for help identifying the problem with your septic system.